Luxury Complex With studio, 1 & 2 Bedroom units For Sale In Kyrenia

Kyrenia / Karsiyaka /

Embark on a luxurious living experience in North Cyprus with our exclusive complex, ideally situated in the scenic locales of Kyrenia City and the charming Karsiyaka region. Our meticulously designed residences cater to diverse preferences, featuring stylish studio units, sophisticated 1-bedroom apartments, and spacious 2-bedroom houses.


Starting from an enticing 125,000 euros, our studios are a gateway to refined living. These thoughtfully crafted spaces offer a perfect balance of elegance and functionality, providing residents with a comfortable retreat in the heart of North Cyprus. 


Step into the realm of upscale living with our 1-bedroom units, where prices begin at 187,800 euros. These residences embody a harmonious blend of style and comfort, presenting a unique opportunity for individuals or couples to experience the epitome of contemporary living.


For those seeking a more expansive living space, our opulent 2-bedroom houses, starting at 253,900 euros, redefine luxury living. These residences are designed to exceed expectations, offering a lavish sanctuary for a discerning lifestyle.


Invest in the lifestyle you deserve at our premium complex, where each unit's price reflects the commitment to providing unmatched quality and luxury. Whether you're drawn to the chic studios, the sophisticated 1-bedroom apartments, or the spacious 2-bedroom houses, our complex stands as a testament to the art of refined living in the captivating surroundings of North Cyprus.

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